Animal Crossing City Folk Review!

2012/01/31 20:51

OK today I am going to write a review on animal crossing. I am going to have pics and lots of comments on them. Here we go:

OK this looks normal but wait look at our next pic.

OK things are starting to smell a bit fishy!! Isn't he supposed to own a museum full of them??

OK no need to deafen my model ( That would NOT be handy).  Bad museum keeper!!

Did he say WRETCH!!! I don't think the mayor, Tortimer would like to hear that!!

Lets see what is so scary about insects! The ladybug and butterfly seem fine to me...

and so do these butterflies...

AAAAHHHHHHH!!! Look at those giant beetles!!!!

(Takes deep breath) My model refused to stay any longer and wanted to show you fishies!! That's a lot nicer (Hopefully)

Look at that frog. Everything is so cute in here...

 I definitely spoke too early!!! Sorta' freaky if you ask me. I am starting to dislike this museum.

Awww! His sister is adorable (and has good taste,I like that carpet). I love this place!!!

My model is delighted that she can talk to this owl. She has changed her mind about the museum too!

So far things are good but a bit creepy!! I loved that girl owl and so did my model. We are having a coffee break with her, we'll be back tomorrow!!